There are plenty of simple yet effective social media marketing hacks you can implement right away to boost your performance. Here are 3 I recommend trying today:

Use Hashtags Strategically: Research the hashtags relevant to your industry and audience, and include 2-5 of the most popular ones in each post. Hashtags help you get discovered, engage with others using the same tags, and track conversations.

Schedule Posts in Advance: Take some time to plan out your social media content calendar for the week or month. Then schedule your posts to publish at the optimal day and time for each channel. This saves you time and ensures consistency.  

Create Social Ads: Even a small advertising budget can go a long way on social media. Create simple ads with compelling images, headlines and calls to action. Target them to your ideal customers based on demographics, interests and behaviors.These hacks really only scratch the surface. Other effective tactics include running contests and giveaways, responding quickly to comments and messages, repurposing your best performing content, and leveraging user-generated content. But starting with the three we mentioned can have an immediate impact on your social media presence. Get started today – you’ll see results right away!.

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